Couples Therapy: What Beginners Need to Know

If you feel like your relationship may be in peril, one thing you can do is speak to a couples therapist. The stress of daily life, children and family, finances and not spending enough quality time together can take its toll on a relationship in no time flat. If you have never been to a couples therapist before, there are some things you should know as you begin your search for a practitioner. [Read More]

3 Important Ways Relationship Counseling Can Help Your Marriage

Marriage is one of the most challenging relationships you might ever be in, yet help is just a phone call away. When you begin facing problems in your relationship, you can seek help for these issues. When you seek help from a relationship counselor, you can reap many benefits. Here are three important ways that relationship counseling can help your marriage. It Helps You Overcome Differences and Struggles One of the primary reasons that couples seek counseling is for help overcoming differences and struggles. [Read More]

Is Hypnosis Right For You To Quit Smoking?

Smoking cigarettes or using tobacco in other forms is bad for your health, and quitting cold turkey isn't easy. There are many ways you can reduce the urge to smoke and make smoking easier to quit, but it takes dedication and a lot of self-control to do so. Can hypnosis help? Hypnotherapy can be used for many things, from helping people overcome phobias to aiding in weight loss. Hypnosis is believed to put people in a trance, or a more relaxed state of mind, which can help them be more receptive to change, advice, and other therapy advice. [Read More]

Important Topics That Are Covered In Co-Parenting Coaching Classes

When you and your children's other parent separate, you face the challenge of having to share parenting duties with them. If you do not get along well with this person, you may find it challenging to remain objective and calm for the sake of your children. To ensure that you do not inflict any emotional or mental harm to your children, you need to learn how to co-parent with this individual. [Read More]