Couples Therapy: What Beginners Need to Know

If you feel like your relationship may be in peril, one thing you can do is speak to a couples therapist. The stress of daily life, children and family, finances and not spending enough quality time together can take its toll on a relationship in no time flat. If you have never been to a couples therapist before, there are some things you should know as you begin your search for a practitioner. Here is what you need to know:

What Can You Expect During Your Sessions?

During your first few sessions, the therapist will learn more about both of you and the genesis of your relationship. You will discuss the root issues within your relationship, and each of you will get the opportunity to voice your concerns in a safe environment. Over time, the therapist will help you develop some practices and strategies that will help you get to a better place in your relationship.

A couples therapist will help you identify the issues you both have in your relationship. If there are some specific things one or both of you need to work on to improve the health of your relationship, the therapist will help you work through those. They may suggest some different tasks or exercises you can do to promote healing in your lives.

What Do You Ask a Potential Couples Therapist?

Once you both agree to go to therapy, you need to find a therapist. Many couples therapists also practice other forms of therapy in addition to relationship counselling. You should find a therapist who has a lot of training and experience in couples therapy. There are some questions you should ask during your search. For example, ask how many couples therapy sessions they offer. You can ask about their specific training that led them to becoming a couples therapist. You can also ask why they enjoy working with people in relationships. The answer to these and any other questions you may have will help you learn more about them and whether or not they will be best for you.

The goal is to find someone who can help you through your relationship troubles. You need to work with a person who you feel comfortable with and to whom you can talk openly. This will be an emotional time for you, and you need to work with someone you can trust and feel will help you through your relationship crisis.